Vancouver Website Design

We help you get more conversions through your website with thoughtful design and planning.

Our Process

We’re dialed in, and we’ll be doing the same for you.

There are no smoke and mirrors involved in how we get results. It’s a combination of straight up diligence, a planned course of action and industry expertise.

While we have staggered plans to suit a varying budget range, our overall delivery sequence and core service remains consistent:

Planning Phase

In this phase, we collect all of the stated requirements and details from any key stakeholders participating in the project. Then, we analyze and compare market research results (competition, etc.) to create a goal-oriented solution.

This also tends to be a Strategic phase for future planning and consideration.

Key purpose for this phase:
  • Research
  • Collection
  • Understanding
  • Analyzing

Concept Phase

This is where we will create wireframes to demonstrate navigation and other concepts, explore different use case scenarios and produce low or high fidelity prototypes.

At this point, a strategy to develop the main content and marketing copy will be discussed.

Key purpose for this phase:
  • Wireframes
  • Business Process
  • Flow Charts (navigation and site hierarchy)
  • Use Cases (how different types of users will use your site)

Production Phase

We begin to work on the visual design and development to create a revenue-focused brand experience.

At this point, we load in the content and refine the Calls to Action (CTAs).

Key purpose for this phase:
  • Visual Design
  • Development
  • Programming
  • Testing

Implementation Phase

This serves as the official soft launch of the project.

We also call this the Refinement phase where we continue to look for areas that can be improved.

Key purpose for this phase:
  • Usability Testing
  • Site Launch
  • Optimization
  • Quality Assurance

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